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Ground movement is impacting properties across Australia, our primary focus is to develop and deliver data solutions to help mitigate its impact


We have assembled a multidisciplinary team to create unique data solutions to tackle property risk head on.


We are building a team to revolutionize the way people interact with spatial data.

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Space age technology to address property risk

We harness deep satellite imagery archives and advanced data processing technology to provide critical insight to visualise, quantify and mitigate the impact of ground movement on properties and public infrastructures across Australia.

Did you know?

Advanced processing of satellite imagery can generate dense virtual survey networks over very large areas where millimetres of movement can be measured.

We are Otus

Independent and data-driven, we are Australia’s leading spatial intelligence data provider when it comes to visualising and mitigating the impact of ground movement on properties and public infrastructures.


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We deliver a range of innovative data products to help visualise and mitigate the risk linked to ground movement, whether it is a result of changing environmental conditions or caused by third parties through construction or infrastructure projects.

Property Reports

Detailed analysis of surface displacement around any property to help assess liability and potential impact on valuation.

Risk Index

A unique structural vulnerability score for more than nine (9) million properties across Australia to quantify and mitigate risk at any scale.

Driving better decisions through better data

Discover how we help people in your industry make better decisions and gain an edge with objective insight drawn from state-of-the-art spatial intelligence.

How can better data help you quantify and mitigate the risk
We can help you understand and visualise property risk like never before. Get in touch with our team of experts and discover what our data products can do for you.