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We develop forward-thinking spatial intelligence to help mitigate the impact of ground movement on properties and public infrastructures.

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Discover the power of spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence is now part of our everyday life. From predicting commodity prices to optimising crop production… advanced spatial intelligence is all around you.

We take pride in making advanced spatial intelligence accessible to all, from individuals to large corporations… and everyone in between.

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Our focus… Uncovering hidden risks linked to ground displacement

We develop unique data products to help a wide range of people and organisations understand risk in a whole new light.

Whether ground displacement is caused by changing environmental conditions or impacted by third parties through construction and excavation, we have you covered.

Playing a key role in democratising the use of spatial intelligence

The technology we work with is typically exclusively used by project proponents such as construction companies and transport authorities.

We democratise critical insight and make it accessible to property owners, investors, insurance companies and local government making it more affordable and easier than ever to access information to perform analysis at any scale from single properties to entire investment portfolios.