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High accuracy
Can detect a few millimetres of displacement
Dense dataset
Thousands of measurements per square kilometre
Historical analysis
Go back more than 4 years to establish a baseline of events
Measurement frequency
Timeline of movement with measurements every 12 days

Space age technology to visualise property risk

Using state of the art imagery processing technology and deep data archives. we keep track of ground displacement across Australia to deliver unparalleled insight.

Our approach allows the generation of millions of ground measurements across the country at regular intervals creating a dense and accurate virtual survey network to track and visualise ground displacement going back in time and over large areas.

Owner, buyer or seller... this report is for you!

Whether you own a property, or planning to buy or sell, we can provide a detailed analysis for properties of any sizes to visualise and mitigate the risk on your investment.

Home owners
Visualise ground displacement to assess if and when your property was first impacted to support damage claims and determine if third parties might be liable.
Strata Managers and Body Corporate
Monitor potential structural vulnerability of the property to protect valuation and support damage claims in cases where damage was caused by a third party.
Get full value on your property with a detailed report demonstrating the property is sound and hasn’t been impacted by ground movement.
Take a detailed look at historical ground displacement around the property your are looking to acquire to avoid costly future repairs.

Analysis with your property in focus

We provide access to the results of our country wide analysis through a detailed report providing an analysis of ground displacement on and around a single property.

Investigate ground movement to help identify the source of the damage and assess potential third party liabilities.

Witness first hand if and when the property was impacted by ground movement.  Easily visualise high velocity and differential movement (tilting) with multiple measurements taken on and around the property.

Visualise how ground movement is impacting your community to help predict how your property might be impacted in the future based on the spatial distribution of the movement.


Easy as 1… 2… 3.

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*** Price is exclusive of GST

Single residential property
Historical analysis (4+ years)
Neighbourhood analysis


*** Price is exclusive of GST

Analysis for entire strata complex
Historical analysis (4+ years)
Neighbourhood analysis
Quick turnaround
The report generated and sent to your inbox in 2-3 days
Satellite based analysis
The analysis is done remotely using satellite imagery and doesn’t require site visit
Future updates
Our clients get access to future updates at a reduced rate.

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