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Understand the impact of movement on single or multiple properties to quantify risk and support the damage claim process.

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Investigate property damage
Investigate the source of structural damage on a property by leveraging our historical data and take a look back to establish a credible timeline of events.
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Improve due diligence
Take a detailed look at historical movement around a property to assess whether it has been impacted or could potentially be impacted in the future to understand how it can influence insurance cost and property valuation.
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Track and quantify risk
Measure the vulnerability of your property portfolio with our unique risk rating algorithm to quantify change in your risk profile and predict future outcomes to establish credible valuations and help predict insurance cost fluctuations.
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Quantify your portfolio’s risk exposure
We can help banks quantify and track the risk exposure of their mortgage portfolio to help with audit and help predict future outcomes that might impact their business.
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