Article published in the Inner West Courier on June 4, 2019 – By Heath Parkes-Hupton

Homeowners seeking compensation for damage allegedly caused by tunnelling for the WestConnex project could have found a “smoking gun”

As locals battling to prove cracks in walls along the tunnel were caused by vibrations, satellite images released by Otus Intel showed significant land movement has taken place at the same time as the works on the $16 billion toll road.

InnerWest Mayor Darcy Byrne said Otus Intel images has exposed the “smoking gun we knew existed all along.  I’m urging the government to stop ignoring the evidence on the ground and take a hard look at the evidence that has come from a satellite above.”


A lawyer and former Department of Planning Official told the courier that “The thing that is so constructive about the Otus work is that it suggests a relationship between the digging and the cracking”.

Otus Intel’s Krish Patel said that with the number of homes that could argue for compensation, the bill could be in the billions.

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