Assess the risk exposure of your client portfolio

Understand, track and predict changes in risk profiles on millions of property for accurate assessment of valuation and insurance risk


We can help you assess your portfolio’s risk exposure

Leverage unparalleled spatial intelligence and our data analytics capabilities to understand how ground movement is impacting property valuation and insurance risk profiles across Australia.

Large scale analytics using our country wide risk index, to help monitor change, compare and quantify the impact of ground movement on your asset portfolio.
We can help you understand the impact of ground movement at property level, for a specific street, council, postal code or entire states.
Observe trends in the evolution of risk for an entire portfolio to help predict future outcomes that might impact valuation and insurance costs in the short or long term.

Let us do the heavy lifting

From single properties to entire client portfolios, we help organisations of any size accurately measure their level of exposure to property risk linked to ground movement.

With changing environmental conditions, mining in close proximity to urban areas, large infrastructure and construction projects, ground movement impacts properties more than ever before.

How can better data help you mitigate the risk?

We can help you understand and visualise property risk like never before. Get in touch with our team of experts to discover our data solutions.

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