Optimise infrastructure maintenance planning

Monitor the impact of ground movement on linear infrastructure for improved repair work planning and efficient allocation of public funds.


Identify and validate damage to public infrastructures

With unparalleled spatial intelligence products, we help councils and local government keep an eye on damage caused by ground movement on roads and railways networks and deploy cost effective measures to help with maintenance planning.

Go back in time several years to establish a credible baseline of movement and help keep track of change and visualise trends.
Pinpoint exactly when ground movement has impacted critical infrastructure to allow better planning for future projects.
Cover a lot of ground with minimal personnel to identify areas that might require repair work and allow for more efficient allocation of public funds.

Optimise infrastructure maintenance planning

Leverage dense networks of virtual ground measurements, to quickly identify sections of roads, railways or areas located in proximity to linear infrastructure that are impacted by ground movement to enable planning for repair work and analyse movement patterns to predict areas that might be at risk in the future.

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