Public infrastructure risk monitoring

Monitor the impact of ground movement on linear infrastructure for improved repair work planning and efficient allocation of public funds.

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Infrastructure RIsk


Risk intelligence for better allocation of public funds

Using some of the world’s best commercial satellites, advanced processing techniques and machine learning, we derive dense virtual survey network of measurements on and around each property to help measure and visualise ground movement.

Leverage unparalleled spatial intelligence to understand how ground movement is impacting roads, railways and public infrastructure across Australia.


Go back in time several years to establish a credible baseline of movement and help keep track of change and visualise trends.


Pinpoint exactly when ground movement has impacted critical infrastructure to allow better planning for future projects.


Dense network of measurements with minimal ground survey work to help visualise movement patterns, track change and predict future outcomes.


Cover a lot of ground with minimal personnel to identify areas that might require repair work and allow for more efficient allocation of public funds.

Sydney Metro


Risk you can visualise

Monitor roads, railways and public infrastructures by leveraging innovative spatial intelligence.

With a dense network of virtual survey measurements, we can quickly identify sections of roads, railways or areas located in proximity to linear infrastructure that are impacted by ground movement to enable planning for repair work and analyse movement patterns to predict future movement.

Access better planning tools to allow for more efficient allocation of public funds.


Scealeable infrastructure risk intelligence

Property Owners

Understand and document ground movement on and around your property to support damage compensation claims.

Mortgage Lenders and Valuers

Improve the accuracy of property valuations by taking into account the potential impact of ground movement on the structural integrity of the property.


Get a more accurate risk profile for more accurate premium pricing for single or multiple properties and support the investigation of damage claims.


Assess the impact of ground movement on acquisition targets through independent insight to improve due diligence and predict potential future loss of value.

Government Agencies

Monitor the impact of infrastructure work performed by third parties to limit public liability and keep an eye on public assets that might be at risk.

Legal Firms

Leverage historical data to establish causation, support damage claims proceedings and provide credible evidence to be used in cases where damage was caused by a third party.