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Understand how ground displacement is impacting your property

Having the right data matters.  We help people and organisations visualise and mitigate risk from ground displacement threatening their properties or investments.

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Is your property at risk?

We use some of the world’s most powerful commercial satellites, advanced processing techniques and machine learning to generate innovative spatial data products.

Our focus is delivering unparalleled spatial intelligence to visualise and quantify how ground displacement is impacting properties across Australia.


Go back in time to establish a credible baseline of movement prior to the start of construction or infrastructure projects.


Pinpoint exactly when your property might have first been impacted to help investigate what might have actually triggered ground movement.


Access timely measurements to help visualise movement timelines and provide temporal evidence to support damage claims.


Through the analysis of deep data archives, we can monitor ground movement to identify trends, track change and predict future outcomes.

What does the report cover?

Property focused analysis

Spatial analysis to easily understand and visualise if and when your property was impacted and whether it might have been impacted by variations in velocity of movement.  Establish credible timelines of events to pinpoint exactly when the property was first impacted.

Neighbourhood assessment

Analysis of surface movement trends in areas located around the property to potentially predict how it might be impacted in the future.

Construction updates

Relevant construction updates to help determine whether activities from a third party might be linked in time with the ground movement impacting the property.

Technical report

Technical overview highlighting the data used and the processing methodology behind our analysis.

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Visualise property risk like never before

With new measurements made at 12-day intervals, we deliver an unmatched visualisation of how ground displacement might be impacting your property.

Whether displacement is due to changes in environmental conditions, construction, excavation or tunneling, our intelligence products can help property owners identify if and when their property was first impacted.

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Frequently asked questions

How is the report different than a dilapidation report?

Our report looks back at ground measurements for up to three years and provides measurements at 11 or 12 intervals, filling the gap between pre and post dilapidation reports.  With frequent revisits of the measurements, we can help identify exactly when the property was first impacted.  The report complements the information found in a dilapidation report.

How are measurements derived from the satellite imagery?

Measurements are generated using an imagery processing technique called Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR).  The satellite sends active radio signal to the target which then bounces back to the satellite.  With new imagery being acquired at 11 or 12 intervals, we can measure the time it takes for the signal to bounce back, if there is a difference in time between observations, a measurement of movement can be derived.

What are the plans for updates going forward?

We plan to update the data 2-3 times a year going forward and provide coverage of Australia’s largest urban centres.  Future updates can be obtained through a subscription plan.

Will anyone need to come visit the property?

We do not need to visit the property as the information included in the report is mostly derived from the analysis of satellite imagery and done remotely.

How far back in time does the analysis go?

In general, the analysis goes back 30 to 36 months in time with new measurements made every 11 to 12 days.

How is the report delivered?

The reports are sent by email in pdf format which can then be printed or kept on file for future reference.

“Thank you Otus!! We now have the evidence that the nearby WestConnex construction has caused our home to start tilting. The ground movement measurements supplied in our report are amazing and certainly debunks the standard claim from the project proponents that the sudden onset of cracking to homes is due to seasonal variations.”

Kathy Calman – Beverly Hills NSW Resident

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How people and organisations use our property reports

Investigate property damage
Support due diligence
on potential acquisitions
Improve mortgage valuation accuracy
insurance claims
Mitigate the damage from mine subsidence
Establish a credible timeline of events

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