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Understand how ground displacement is impacting your property


Is your property at risk?

Our focus is delivering unparalleled spatial intelligence to visualise and quantify how ground displacement is impacting properties across Australia.

We use some of the world’s most powerful commercial satellites, advanced processing techniques and machine learning to generate innovative spatial data products.

Go back in time to establish a credible baseline of movement prior to the start of construction or infrastructure projects.
Pinpoint exactly when your property might have first been impacted to help investigate what might have actually triggered ground movement.
Access timely measurements to help visualise movement timelines and provide temporal evidence to support damage claims.

Visualise property risk like never before

With new measurements made at 12-day intervals, we deliver an unmatched visualisation of how ground displacement might be impacting properties.

Whether displacement is due to changes in environmental conditions, construction, excavation or tunneling, our intelligence products can help property owners identify if and when their property was first impacted.


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