Risk intelligence down to a number

Visualise, track and predict structural risk that might impact current and future property valuations.


Understand and quantify risk at any scale

Leverage unparalleled spatial intelligence to understand how ground movement is impacting property valuation and insurance risk profiles across Australia.

A single risk score for each property to help monitor change, compare and quantify the impact of ground movement on your asset portfolio.
Understand the impact of ground movement at property level, for a specific street, council, postal code or entire states.
Our risk index is updated multiple times a year to help identify trends and predict future outcomes that might impact valuation and insurance costs.

Delivering a unique risk score for more than 8 million properties.

The index makes it easier than ever to understand and quantify how vulnerable a property is to potential structural damage, perform large scale analysis to assess the impact on property valuations over entire mortgage or investment portfolios and understand insurance risk.

A solution based on sound science, delivered by experts.

The index is derived from advanced processing of satellite imagery creating a virtual survey network of millions of measurements. Coupled with machine learning and the integration of other non spatial parameters, our risk index provides a clear picture and allows for efficient analysis and mitigation of the risk while minimising the need for costly site visits.

How can better data help you mitigate the risk?

We can help you understand and visualise property risk like never before. Get in touch with our team of experts and discover our data solutions.