Risk Index

A single risk score for each property to help monitor change, compare and quantify the impact of ground movement on your asset portfolio.
Understand the impact of ground movement at property level, for a specific street, council, postal code or entire states.
Updated multiple times a year to help identify trends and predict future outcomes that might impact valuation and insurance costs.

Visualise and quantify risk at any scale

Risk intelligence down to a number

Leverage unparalleled spatial intelligence to understand how ground movement is impacting property valuation and insurance risk profiles across Australia.

A unique risk score for more than 9 million properties.

The index offers a simple way to understand and quantify how vulnerable a property is to potential structural damage.  It makes it easier to perform large scale analysis to assess the impact on property valuations over entire mortgage or investment portfolios and understand insurance risk in a whole new way.

The risk score is a number from 1-100, updated at least 3 times a year to observe historical trends and help predict future outcomes.

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